Libreoffice 4.x-5.x - massive Problems with Installation on (update to) Windows 10

After updating to Windows 10 (64bit - german version) Libreoffice has massive proplems with installation and running. I tried all version 4.x-5.x even portable. Unfortunatly the problem is not reproducable - sometime it installs and runs, than if you like to open it again it wont open or run at all, or it will open and if you like to open a file it hangs again.
If you try to reinstall the installation hangs and you have to kill it. You can only uninstall it with extern tools. Even after uninstall and remove all leftovers (registry, appdata, program folder, etc.) the installation discovers a former version and wont install.

Most of the time the installation (or deinstallation) hangs at “Create shortcuts”.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks a lot…

Bsrgd CV

I do not have any problem running 5.0.2 32 or 64 bit on Win 10 64bit I did do a clean install of windows when I installed it so that may make a different. The only problem I have seen is when I print on the 1st page it prints what looks like 1/2 a line and about 2" long of trash. It douse not do it on the 2ed page. But it douse do it on other pages in the file. I have not looked into it much yet. I am sorry I was not more help.



I tried the new versions (4.4.6x+5.0.3x -64+32) and: the same problem. I tried a lot in between (windows repairs, changing rights of libre folders, compatibility checks, installation in safe mode etc…). The funny thing about it: It seem to work from normal user accounts but not in admins.

I did a clean install of windows 10 (Home - ver1511) using a USB stick with installation media.

This went very well and I got rid of all the “junk” programs I had before. I had to re-install all the useful programs I use, including Libre Office

It worked fine except that I have a few files (mostly CALC) that cannot be saved in in ODF format. I have to use the .xls or .xlsx format. I am trying to resolve this on this site. I am not sure at this time if the problem is Libre Office or W10.