Libreoffice 4.x.x flicker


I’ve always used the Libreoffice versions 3.xx on Linux without problems. With version 4.0.0.x I also had no problem.

However, starting with version, my libreoffice has a flicker on the toolbars icons. Right now I’ve tested versions and (Linux_x86) and continue with the problems visible in these screencasts:

If you look, when I put the toolbars loose, the error disappears. But the rest of the icons (up and down on the bottom right) or vertical and horizontal scroll bars are still blinking. I’ve tried disabling hardware acceleration in the options, but without success.

Does anyone have any idea about what it might be?

I’m using Xubuntu 12.04. The JRE is the Java Oracle v.1.7.0_40.

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Hi oweng,

I filled the bug report fdo#69932

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I have never seen anything like that before. Please raise a bug and include your videos, which clearly show the problem, as well as relevant technical details of your system e.g., kernel version, video drivers, etc. Post a link to your bug back here in the format “fdo#123456”. Thanks.