LibreOffice 5.0 Important please help.

I tried to save my work on libreoffice 5.0; In the process Libreoffice 5.0 froze on me… then made the Exit,Maximize, and Minimize buttons blink/flash really really fast. Now it’s just frozen and I can’t go to the save icon or to where you would normally save it. What should I do?
Please help me, I tried to save my work but, if you don’t help me… then I will be very mad and b/c I have to have all my work saved in a short amount of time.
the work i’m trying to save is a very important portfolio from South Carolina Connections Academy.
I need your help.

Which Operating System? Try minimizing all windows in case there is a hidden dialog box that is waiting for input. If you have more than one display, check if there is a hidden dialog on the other display, even if it is not turned on. On windows 8.1 if you click the bottom right corner of the task bar all windows will be minimized, then click LibreOffice in task bar and hopefully the hidden dialog would be shown.

5.0 is obsolete/deprecated long time ago !

5.0 is obsoleted/deprecated long time ago !

its windows 10 with the latest updates installed. I did what was suggested and it seems the problem is that Libre Office is kind of frozen. It acts like its not responding without the not responding message,

Hate to say it, but it’s really your responsibility to be making backups as you go. So if you get mad, get mad at yourself. All software is prone to bugs. If you haven’t learned this by now, then you’re getting the lesson the rest of us have already learned. Backup, backup, backup. You never know when you might need one.