Libreoffice has changed the apostrophe symbol on Times New Roman font. Can I change it back?

The apostrophe symbol on my LibreOffice documents, when using Times New Roman font, used to be a simple " ’ " (with no curve), now, since installing version it’s suddenly become a " ’ " (with a curve) every time I type it. Yet all my previous documents are still written with the old " ’ ", and as I am now continuing my work, all the newer apostrophes I type are the " ’ " version, which obviously creates huge continuity issues in my texts. I am using the French version of LibreOffice, and anyone writing in French knows that apostrophes are used a lot. I cannot change my font because Times New Roman is required for my thesis, so I need to change it back to it’s usual " ’ " symbol.

What can I do about that? In other words, I would like to restore my Time New Roman apostrophes to the usual " ’ " (with no curve) instead of the " ’ " (with a curve). Any explanation or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Tools - Autocorrect - Autocorrect options, select Localized options tab, remove check mark below “Single quotes”.

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It worked. Thank you so much!