LibreOffice 5.2.0 requires Elevation (Run As Administrator) to start on Windows 10

We have several school computers that have LO 5.2.0 running on 64bit Windows 10 1607 Anniversary Update. Even before the Anniv Update, the Windows Standard Accounts cannot start LO without right-clicking and selecting “Run As Administrator”. An Administrator account can run LO fine with no problems.

I cannot find documentation anywhere that says LO requires an Admin account to run it. Is there a bug (or is this expected behavior) or any tips/tricks/suggestions?

Thanks much!

I have a similar/same problem. I have a new 64 bit Windows 10 ASUS computer. Windows 10 came with the computer. Now recognizing the problem as a user or as the administrator, I receive “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation” message when trying to open any Word document. The Windows User Account message requiring the Administrator Password occurs when opening an *.odt file.
all files were created in Windows 7.

Me also. Can we have some help with this ?