Libreoffice 5.2.6 headless install on CentOS 7

The RPM install package seems to be missing a few package dependencies.
In order to do a headless installation of libreoffice 5.2.6 on CentOS 7, I needed do the following:

. download the rpm tarball: wget

. unpack it: tar xzf LibreOffice_5.2.6_Linux_x86-64_rpm.tar.gz

. install the downloaded rpm files:
cd LibreOffice_5.2.6.2_Linux_x86-64_rpm/RPMS;
sudo yum localinstall *.rpm

. install three extra packages that were not included in the rpm package dependencies list:
sudo yum install cairo cups-libs libSM

Without this last step the command “libreoffice5.2” fails with error messages about not being able to find some libraries that it needs.

I hope this helps anyone having difficulty with a headless RPM install. Is there any other (recent) version which doesn’t have these missing dependencies?

A bug report is filed (tdf#114581), as should have been from the start.

As I cannot reproduce it myself (no CentOS or whatever required), it’d be nice if someone suffering from this monitored the bug for possible QA questions (although the description here seems clear enough).

Fantastic, this did the trick for me on Centos 7 with LibreOffice 5.4.3. Thanks for this! I’m not sure this isn’t documented in the LibreOffice prerequisites, but it should be.