LibreOffice Number Format which allows Minutes/Seconds (00:00:00)

I am using Mac OS Sierra, and had to go to LibreOffice to continue my spreadsheets as the Sierra upgrade did not support my old office app anymore.

When cutting & pasting music names, titles, times,… from my iTunes List to a LibreOffice spreadsheet in order to make CD case listings, the time (HH:MM:SS) that shows in iTunes does NOT stay in the same format when it’s pasted into LibreOffice. In fact, NONE of the available choices in the Format → Number Format menu allows for a HH:MM:SS. The closest I can do (in the Time Format) is that, say a tune that is 3 minutes, 59 seconds in length, shows up as 03:59:00AM.

I need to have my run times in true Minutes and Seconds and not in a time format which includes the AM or PM prefix, as is currently the only choice.

How can I get the time WITHOUT getting the AM/PM prefix?

Have you tried something like [HH]:MM:SS as the format?

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To set the Time Format code for your Calc cells, you could do this:

1. Select the cells whose format should be changed into HH:MM:SS,
2. Right-click inside the selected cells and choose "Format Cells...",
3. Select the tab called "Numbers",
4. in the textbox "Format code:", type "HH:MM:SS" and press OK.