LibreOffice Crashes on Check for New Version

Every time I try to check for a new version LibreOffice crashes on Mac OS 10.13.2.

Partial crash log:

Path: /Applications/
Identifier: org.libreoffice.script
19 org.libreoffice.script 0x0000000102dd9f50 main + 16
0x102dd9000 - 0x102dd9ffb +org.libreoffice.script (5.4.4002 - 5.4.4002) <494B5634-2ED0-3193-AE2E-DD3C42E676F3> /Applications/
0x102de0000 - 0x102e1cff3 +libuno_sal.dylib.3 (0) /Applications/
0x102e53000 - 0x102edbfff +libsofficeapp.dylib (0) /Applications/
0x102fb4000 - 0x102fb5ffb +libclewlo.dylib (0) <64F525E6-1C39-334F-A444-B70AFA2FDE74> /Applications/
0x102fbe000 - 0x10308fffb +libcomphelper.dylib (0) <9382D444-0F37-30B1-9810-A8F37738AB58> /Applications/
0x1031f7000 - 0x103218ffb +libuno_cppu.dylib.3 (0) <51C000FB-78F0-3A09-914D-FC6E6386256E> /Applications/
0x10323b000 - 0x1032c9fff +libuno_cppuhelpergcc3.dylib.3 (0) <1C64E393-7131-3569-A570-B2F7F64738A2> /Applications/

I tried to completely remove LibreOffice including all config files, re-downloading it, but the problem remains.

What the heck is going on?

Thanks for any suggestions…

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So, this is the package from, not from AppStore, right? (This is essential for trying to reproduce.)

I suppose that you should file a bug report at

Yep, downloaded from

I’ll file a bug report, but as I recall, this exact crashing problem has happened in a previous version. Then it went away, now it’s back.

Thanks for your reply.