LibreOffice installs but won't open except in safe-mode

Hi! I’m trying to install LO on a new PC, Win 10 v.1709. Install goes without error but cannot open EXCEPT in safe-mode. I’ve tried 3x, downloading the .msi (ver (x64), even going through the registry to delete all keys with “libreoffice”, restarting PC, then installing. Nope, safe-mode only. Help?

My graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 620) control panel indicates that it’s running OpenGL version 4.4.

I followed a link provided via a bug report (OpenGL - The Document Foundation Wiki) and (after some trial and error–I’m only at novice-level with regedit and took a few tries to figure out how to enter the keys and strings) it works. If you don’t know how to used regedit at all don’t mess with it! You’ll need some more detailed instructions before trying this (sorry, I don’t have time to write this out).

This is outside my level of tech savvy. I was able to install LO on another new pc last week (same Win10 version) with no issues. What’s going on? Is it a bug? An Intel issue? Something else?