LibreOffice 5.4 start menu/task bar icons missing

Just recently updated my LO to version 5.4 (x86, on Win 7), and noticed the icons for Calc, Draw and Writer on my start menu have a generic .exe icon image instead of the normal LO ones. When running those apps I get the same generic icon on the task bar. All the apps seem to work fine, and on my Program Files folder, everything shows as supposed to with the executables having the correct icons, but somehow the ones for those 3 specific apps don’t show up on the start menu or task bar (pics below). Tried doing a clean install, same result. Looked around on the web, seems like a sort of common bug? But couldn’t find any solutions…are there any? Thanks in advance.

Try to uninstall LibreOffice, then shut down computer, off to clear Ram, turn on and reinstall LibreOffice. It worker for me, but on a Linus O.S.