LibreOffice 5 Crashing all the time

I tried everything suggested here, such as reinstall it completely, but it is still crashing all the time. I mean: it’s totally impossible to use it more than 5 minutes!
It crashes minutes after I open any document. It crashes when I scroll down or up. It crashes when I click on any button.
But the biggest problem: it’s not just a normal crash. It freezes my computer entirely. I can still move the mouse, but nothing else. I even try to open a terminal to reboot, or switch to other tty, but it seems impossible.

My current configs are:
A recently installed KDE Mint 17.3 Rosa.
I’m running the LibreOffice (the default version here)

I tried:
Remove and purge all the files and install them again.
Remove/purge and then install only Libreoffice-writer
Upgrade to the newest version 5.1
Downgrade to (but it didn’t work, or I didn’t try it properly. But anyway I don’t think that’s actually a real fix for this issue)

Now I ask: what else can I do to solve it?

Thanks for your attention.
I’m looking forward to hearing from any of you!

Did you try ti remove configuration files, not just installation? And did you try to disable Hardware Acceleration and OpenGL in Tools-> Option?

OpenGL is enabled by default and it produces weird behaviour of LibreOffice under Ubuntu 16.04 (I cannot see any window properly). In my case, Hardware Acceleration now works, but I had some problems with crashing on Ubuntu 15.10 so I decided not to use it anyway.