Libreoffice 6.07.3 -footnote not possible by Enter/Einfügen

Build-ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.2

Happy and successful new year…

I use LO 6.07.3, and till the last update I was able to enter footnotes by the menu “Enter” or “Einfügen”, footnote/endnote, in German End-/Fußnote into the footer and header - I tested both.
When I go at Enter/Einfügen and “field command/Feldbefehl” it works.

please correct as fast as possible.

regards, Thilo

please correct as fast as possible

So are you reporting a bug report? Then you are at the wrong place. Bug reports are offtopic here at Ask LibreOffice site, and should go to the bug tracker.

By the way: 6.0 had got its last update with 6.0.7, so nothing would be fixed in that branch anyway. Did you try 6.1 to see if it’s the problem there, too?