Libreoffice 6.1.2 icons look weird

You can click on the image to see it at full size. All the icons look really pixelated and some of the colours are way off.

Zoom In

Are you using OpenGL or hardware acceleration?

OpenGL did nothing, I will try hardware acceleration

Hardware Acceleration is greyed-out.

I guess, you have a 4K Monitor and use Windows 10? In that case the default display setting of Windows is 150%. That triggers a scaling factor in LibreOffice. But the png-icons do not work well with that. You can try, whether the icon-theme attached to bug tdf#120253 works better for you.

I do not have a 4K monitor but I do have windows 10.

And which display scaling is set? [Right click on desktop > Display settings. You find the value directly in field Resolution or at item Advanced Settings.]

you are corect. tested it today. thanks!