Libreoffice 6.3.2-2 lags on scroll & weird font

Hi all,

I have been using libreoffice with no problems for a very long time. With the latest update, scrolling became laggy even on a new blank page, and some text such as font size, and the entirety of the footer row (character counter, zoom percentage, etc.) became weirdly yellow and so small. It was getting worse every time i launched it, more text became yellow and small such as the font type, some of the options in the options menu, and so on.

I thought at first it was a problem with Writer only, but it looks like all the other tools are affected the same way. The first thing i did was to reset and delete my profile, doing so it reverted the yellow text to how it was at the beginning (font size, footer row are yellow and small) so i tried to launch into safe mode, but the result was the same. As for scrolling, i have tried to disable the usage of hardware acceleration from the settings but nothing has changed. When scrolling lags, one of the cpu cores get to 100% then move to another core and so on, i don’t know what to do anymore… i really appreciate any help. Thank you