LibreOffice 6.3 alpha1 bug hunting session 2019-05-13


i have seen announcements for a ‘session’ acc. the title of the post,

but can’t find the announced ‘alpha1’ version,

may be reg. tomatoes, anyone to help?



Check here QA/BugHuntingSession/6.3.0Alpha - The Document Foundation Wiki

all i see there is named alpha0 … with a ‘0’ - zero -

announced is a ‘alpha1’, and that should have been available since ‘some days’ yet

I’m just a user like you and cannot comment on Alpha0 vs Alpha1. Please ask in one of the communcation channels mentioned at the link from my first comment.

very good start … the announced version isn’t where it should be, or incorrectly named … shall i file a bug for that?

the problem has vanished in the mists of time

problem solved, alpha1 is out, was a little late for the bug-hunting-monday,

you find it there:

edit: the problem has vanished in the mists of time …