LibreOffice 6.3 and 6.2 Installation problems in W10 Pro

I try to install Libre Office 6.3 and 6.2 in W10 Pro (1909/ OSBuild 18363.476), and it doesn`t run in normal mode, but yes in security mode.
What can I do?


General Installation Issues (Windows)

none of the General Installation Issues could help me…!

If your installation of LibreOffice runs in Safe Mode then most probably your user profile is corrupt and you need to reset your user profile.

To do so perform the following steps:

  • Start in Safe Mode
  • Archive your profile expanding Advanced (click on the word Advanced right above Help button) and click Archive User Profile button
  • Select option Reset to factory settiings
  • Activate [x] Reset entire user profile
  • Click button Apply Changes and Restart

Hope that helps.

Thank you kindly for your answer, but it still doesnt work. Im installing the last version of LibreOffice… Do you have any clue what`s going on? Regards.

Hello partners… I fixed my problem.
Starting LibreOffice in “Safe mode”, after trying almost everything, the last thing I did was “Disable hardware acceleration”, and once applying the changes, and restarted, it did it in normal mode, and running everything well.

Now I need to realized what happens with my OpenGL/ OpenCL

My best regards,