LibreOffice 6.3 not saving Landscape Styled pages

I have a document where some pages are formatted as landscape pages. I use a Page Style to define this.
The setting up of the style, application of the style to the pages that must be landscape works very well… until you save the document and open it again. You then have to re-apply the style where ever it is needed for the document to be exported correctly as PDF or printed. Again the rendering is 100% correct.

After saving the document, and the formatting is still fine after saving, except when you close the document and open it again, all the landscape styled paged are back in portrait mode.

Has anyone experienced this or found a solution to fix this?

Which file format do you use to save your document? Always use odt to work with Writer!

The document is in ODT format. The moment you save the document all the landscape pages will be in portrait mode when you open the file again in LibreOffice. To fix it, you go to each section and apply the Landscape Page stype again. Then it is fine for exporting to PDF and Printing until the next time you open the document, then all the changes to Landscape for those pages are lost again.

That’s strange, I’ve never seen such behavior. How do you apply the styles? By introducing a manual page break? By associating the page break with a paragraph style? Please, edit your original question to add more information and attach a sample file.