LibreOffice 6 Installation Error

This is a great wealth of support - thank you all.

I am trying to install LibreOffice 6 (downloaded from the libreoffice site) on my ASUS laptop running the latest version of windows 10 64 bit. I’ve downloaded both x86 and x64 several times and re-installed after a fresh, complete uninstall. I have also tried to install to the D: drive as well as C:. However, I get the same error message every time:

Internal Error: 2502
Internal Error: 2503

Please let me know if you could use any additional information.

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These codes are MS Windows Codes.
Check Toms Hardware [] which may solve your problem.
Best of luck.

Thanks so much for replying so quickly. Your answer was spot on. Since this is my first time using the community, could you tell me if I can award karma points and if so, how?

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