Libreoffice 6: using named ranges in charts?


I already read here and here about using named ranges in chart. For what I understood is still not possible even after 5 years with libreoffice 6.x.

Do you confirm this?

My problem is that I have two calc sheets: the first is the one with formulas and charts while the second contains data updated from Internet via a script.
The first sheet gets the data (indexed by the date and the columns can have different length during the various updates) from the second one and automatically updates the calculation.

Unfortunately, the charts ranges are not updated according to the updated data. I cannot use any function as

match, address, offset, vlookup.

Is there any workaround?

Thank you

Maybe using pivot chart you can achieve what you want.

Creating a pivot table and then while in a cell of it creating a chart.

Edited 20180827

Attached a sample file with a pivot chart, it’s possible to use the filters on the pivot table or those on the chart after double click.


Creating pivot chart help

Could you provide some examples?
Thank you