LibreOffice 6 Writer won't print...other LO apps will

Hi, am new to LibreOffice (was using OpenOffice until recently) and trying to print some documents, unsuccessfully.
I have version LO, running Windows 10 on a new Asus all-in-one computer. I can print from LO spreadsheet and even a PDF I saved in Writer (on MS Edge). So basically seem to have problems only on Writer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

By the way, when I have a printer dialog open I can see the document display there when I hit print, but it’s so quick I can’t seem to click to pause. Also, the printer does not blink either (Brother all-in-one).


When nobody responds to a question, it feels helpless. :frowning:

Hmmm. LibO 6.0.y.z is still very fresh.
However, I’m using LibO for a while now on Win 10, and didn’t get such an issue.
Release LibO V 5.4.7 may be more stable.
(Downgrading may require a full uninstall of the higher version in advance.)

I’ve just updated from LO5 to LO 6. Now Writer and only Writer doesn’t print no matter which printer I choose. Even virtual printers do not work.

And there are no problems printing LO Calc

I’m now on and printing Writer files just fine…


I’m in 6.0.4.x and I cannot print at all from Writer…

Writer 6.1 would not send file to my USB laser or USB matrix printers. After a crash it directed me to use Safe Mode LO. Then the laser printed but not the matrix printer. Version 5 printed but shrank the page.
Using Windows 10 current version as of 10/10/18.