Libreoffice 7.0.4 Mint 20.1 off line help

How to install the offline help ? If I press F1 it goes to on line help.
I installed LO by installing the .deb files.
I tried installing help with command sudo apt install libreoffice-help-en-us The command ran successfully but off line help doesnt work

Why didn’t you download the appropiate deb-file (as you did with the main program)? If the downloaded deb file is installed the off line help should be available for the main program… I would not mix different install routines (download and sudo apt). - Cheers

Have you looked at any of the questions on this subject. Try, for example “Offline help”. The HELP is actually displayed using the Browser, but, if you look at the search parameters, you will see it is displaying the offline file you installed. This allows both OFFLINE and ONLINE HELP to share the bulk of their information.

I am aware that it opens the help in browser locally , from the earlier installs. But with this install it goes to

I tried to install the help from … -US.tar.gz
But it is a .msi Windows file and not a .deb file.

I did that , installed the .deb help file now I get

file not found.