libreoffice 7.0 fatal error application cannot start. fail to updatefile ///c:

I was running the program writing my report and the error window came up and down went LibreOffice 7.0

Remember: thousands of people write their reports and their computer doesn’t crash. Without some more details we can’t help. Operating System? Any specifics of what you were doing?

Could error message refer to a Windows update occurring at the sane time? Some updates come in two stages, both needing restart after installation.

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I’m running OSX (BigSur) and got this message too. I had reinstalled my operating system on another computer, so maybe this created a ‘user-issue’, but I’m no specialis in the field. What worked for me was deleting the Libre Office folder in library/application support
In this folder there was mentoning of a user and so I thought… delete it and L.O. might create a new folder with the correct user info. Obviously this worked.