LibreOffice 7.0 not opening on PC Windows 10

Hi Al,

Thanks for that, but I tried, and it still won’t open.

Hello again Al,
Yes, I clicked right on both a .odt and a .doc files, chose LibreOffice writer, ticked the box which said Always use this app to open … but nothing happened. However, in Task Manager I could see LO in the list.

I wonder if your anti-virus is blocking. If you add soffice.bin to your list of Allowed apps in anti-ransomware or restricted folder access setting in your AV, can you then open the files?

Lets have a go.

In Windows Security, I turned off ‘Ap & browser control’ but to no change.
I looked in Bitdefender but found nowhere I could add ‘soffice.bin’.

I turned off Bitdefender firewall and again no change.

I had a look at what I could see about Bitdefender. I couldn’t find any instructions but I did see a review that had a picture of the screen. It seems that you can, in Bitdefender, go into Settings > Protection > Ransomware Remediation > Exceptions and add soffice.bin


Right click → Run on Windows Start
menu (or Windows Key + R) Type
into Open text field (including the
double quotes) Click OK

I also could not open LO Portable due to:
The application unable to start correctly 0xc000007b

Searching for a solution… I found this forum thread.

  • I edited path to app location on my PC:
  • E:\Apps\LibreOfficePortable\App\libreoffice\program\swriter.exe
  • This solution worked immediately to open LOff.

Thank you.

After 10 min of use… 7.2 does not have the opening problems.