LibreOffice 7.0: Paste Table Cells from Calc to Writer Does Nothing

This has always been a problem, but after upgrading now I can’t paste the cells at all. In previous versions I had to always select and paste twice, as the first paste changed the cell selection (i.e. it selected other cells and pasted into them instead).

Now, however, when pasting cells from Calc into a Writer table the screen simply flashes and nothing happens. Not even an entry in the undo history.

Any ideas on how to fix this behavior?

Windows 10, LibreOffice

EDIT: Here are example Calc and Writer files that show the behavior for me. I’m curious if these files show any of you the same inability to copy/paste.

Test Spreadsheet.ods

Game xxx Positions.odt

Clipboard issues seem to affect only some users and in different ways, see tdf#62196. Potentially fixed by tdf#140813 resolved in 7.1.3 version according to bug report. If you are happy to try out Latest version it might be worth it for you.

Do you have a clipboard manager? Try turning it off and seeing if that helps.

Try copying using a different method e.g. Ctrl+C instead of clicking icon or menu; or clicking icon instead…

Try copying twice.

Do you mean, what is shown here

image description

does not work for you? If yes - do you use a clipboard manager?

@Earnest AI – I am running a clipboard manager (clipboardfusion). Turning it off does not change the behavior.

@anon73440385 – I am trying to paste Calc cells into cells in an existing table in Writer. I am able to paste Calc cells into a new table in Writer, which I can then copy and paste into the existing table (my current workaround). Pasting the cells directly from Calc does nothing.

I should point out that I when I select the cells (in Writer) and paste into them (which does nothing), the selection changes from the cells to the text in the cells.

I am trying to paste Calc cells into cells in an existing table in Writer.

How do you select(copy the cell and its contents exactly?

Anyhow - for me that works with Copy & Paste from a calc table into an existing Writer table as well by the same method as shown above.

Clipboardfusion does have issues in Calc, see question 151164. Uninstalling it is probably best option, especially as it might have unwanted effects elsewhere.

If you really cannot manage without a clipboard manager (after uninstalling) you try using the built-in Windows Clipboard History. Start menu > Settings > System > Clipboard, turn on Clipboard History. Note that this, too might cause problems, but I activate this from time to time without problem on Win 10 and

To paste from Calc to Writer table, just click in the first cell of the table that the paste should start, then paste.

SSJGQ If I follow your procedure and select all the cells in the table that I want overwritten with new data, and then paste, all the cells are wiped empty except the last cell into which all the data is written.

@Earnest AI If I just click in the first cell it (used to) nests all the cells into that first one. Your method does not work.

Of course, at this point nothing is working. I am not running the clipboard manager, nor am I uninstalling it, as it doesn’t seem to be causing the problem. I’m attaching a gif to show the behavior. Note that I try selecting just a spot in the first cell, and then all the cells, and neither method works. However, I can see the paste attempted, but it just disappears. I can also paste into a new table (also shown in gif)

gif here (I don’t know how to inline it)

I see

as it doesn't seem to be causing the problem

Here is a possible Clipboardfusion workaround, I think. I am not prepared to test on my computer as I don’t want a clipboard manager.

@Earnest AI If you wanted evidence, I uninstalled Clipboardfusion but that changed nothing. I still see exactly the same behavior. Note that the problem only occurs when pasting into an existing table.

In my first comment I said there was a potential fix in LibreOffice version 7.1.3 which is listed in downloads under latest version

@EarnestAl I should’ve mentioned that I uninstalled and reinstalled 7.1.4 and the problem still exists.

Can you paste OK in LibreOffice safe mode, Help > Restart in safe mode? You might have a corrupted user profile.

@EarnestAl No, copying/pasting in safe mode (both Calc and Writer) still produces the same behavior.

There seems to be something odd with your Writer document Game xxx Positions.odt. I can paste from your spreadsheet into a new Writer document with a table but not into your .odt.

I selected everything in the .odt, pressed Ctrl+M to remove all direct formatting and then I could paste into it. Maybe it was converted from another format and contains some incompatible residue.

Note that there is no paragraph styling in the .odt and everything is Default Paragraph Style. Pressing Ctrl+M will make everything Liberation Serif 12, or whatever your default is. Select all and double-click Text Body to convert all to Text Body. Right-click Text Body and select Modify to change font face and size.

Select the table entire and double click the paragraph style Table Contents to convert to that style. Right-click the Table Contents style and select Modify to set desired font face and size

@EarnestAl The Writer document comes from an old version of Libre (somewhere around 5.0ish). It has always given me problems; I do not know why. I’ve never once thought of simply deleting and retrying (partially because the 1 page you see in my demo Writer document is actually 9 pages long).

I can confirm that simply deleting the table and reintroducing it solves this problem entirely. I agree that it was probably some leftover formatting/style/etc. I wish I could mark your comment as the correct solution and give you some credit for it. Thanks for all the help and the effort!

Sorry about putting you to all the extra trouble on this, I’m happy that you have a fix now.

I’ll do an answer to complete the question

@EarnestAl Hey no extra trouble at all–you really helped convince me to keep using Libre. Thanks again and I’ll upvote your answer.

The table in the Writer document appears to have some incompatible formatting that prevents it accepting the paste.

Removing all direct formatting allows a normal paste, or deleting the table and rebuilding the table also fixed the issue.

I was going to see if I could see anything odd inside the file but I’m not confident I would recognise something wrong. It is still bugging me

I initially thought the file might have originated in Word with some sort of write protection for text. I haven’t entirely dropped the thought