Libreoffice has been unstable

Apologizes and reboots

Question retaged.

Versions x.y.0 and x.y.1 are considered “early adopters”. Expect instabilities unless you wish to contribute to debugging. For “production use”, install preferentially x.y.2+.

Do you really need the latest version?

There are several glitches (personally, I’ve reverted to 7.0), it may lead to more frustration than keeping 7.0.5 until 7.1 is more mature.

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Thanks, I installed 7.0.5 and we will see; so far so good
I have asked several times re “voice to text.” The only one that “kinda worked” was Microsoft 10 “voice to text” but only worked with Word Pad. UNTIL I tried it with Google Docs. It worked like a charm. I prefer LibreOffice; so long as my “typing arm” hurts, I will use Google Docs for long text messages.
I am still open to suggestions.

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