Libreoffice permanently stuck in light mode Debian KDE

I just installed libreoffice through flatpak on Debian 11 with KDE 5.20.5 and I cant change the theme or colors to dark, the window just permanently stays light. The KDE theme I am using is Breeze Dark.

I installed libreoffice through flatpak with the following commands:

sudo apt install flatpak -y
sudo reboot
sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
sudo flatpak install flathub org.libreoffice.LibreOffice -y

Whats going on here? How do I fix this? Whats keeping the application in light mode?

Try Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Advanced - Enable experimental options, that should allow the menus to follow dark mode (or light mode) of operating system.

Then in Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Application colors select LibreOffice dark mode to change rest to dark mode

Doesn’t seem to work. The same dark spreadsheet but light menu is there after the restart.