Libreoffice 7 cannot open windows shares

I hope I am just missing something, upgraded to 7 and finding that I cannot open or save documents to my remote windows share like I could with 6. OS is Ubuntu 20.04, using samba for access to the share. now I get the “the folder contents could not be displayed, Operation not supported”
Please help.
Thank you all in advance

I can open files from the server, and I am connected to them. The only thing I changed was that I installed version 7. Just to be sure I reinstalled version 6 and I can do it with that. I installed 7 due to the PDF exportation. Or am I missing something.

libreoffice 7 cannot open windows shares

Why don’t you integrate the share via your operating system? Create a proper entry into Ubuntu’s /etc/fstab to mount the share and have all applications benefit from the mount instead of forcing each application to take care on its own, whether there is access (or not). Originally this was the idea of (network) storage: Operating system cares about the storage and applications use it.

I have mounted the drives and bookmarked them in the sidebar. I use them all the time with other apps, and libre writer 6.4 used them all the time, but for some reason when I upgraded to libre 7, I can no longer open up remote documents, if I try to open them it says file is locked, and if I try to save, I cannot even access the drive. The only thing I have not done yet is set the drives to mount on startup, but it was never been an issue. I would hate to go back to 6.4 as they do not handle PDF creation correctly, and 7.1 works great! If I could solve this issue, I would not have to use Windows ever on this machine which is my goal.
Thank you

On other thing, I cannot manually enter the smb:///share information in the open dialog box. it is like smaba is not supported in libreoffice 7.0

How did you upgrade? Did you install from OS repo?

it is like smaba is not supported in libreoffice 7.0

what you try to do is - strictly speaking - not Samba at all. Samba is the name of a service providing SMB/CIFS shares on Linux for Windows systems or other SMB/CIFS clients. Samba was developed to implement functionality of Windows Servers on a Linux platform (i.e. allow Windows systems to access storage on Linux and other UNIXoide systems). Samba is a server implementation supporting CIFS protocol and not the name of a client implementation of SMB/CIFS protocol. While in earlier day of SAMBA development, “smbclient” has been indeed part of SAMBA software suite, the client part nowadays is a Linux kernel module - CIFS — The Linux Kernel documentation

OK, I got the fix. The only way to have 7.1 see the drives is to mount them with cifs in fstab. Unlike 6.4 that would see any drive that mounted to the machine, 7.1 apparently needs a bit more hand holding, LOL.
But it works amazing and I can now dump Windows for good!