libreoffice 7 draw don't remember toolbars

When I set toolbars visible and set its position in the screen (top, bottom, near others toolbars), and I close LO Draw and reopen it, the toolbars are not visible again and so not it desired positions.

My LO version: (x64) on Windows 10 Pro.

Can you save to your local Documents folder? If not you might need to add LO (soffice.bin) as an allowed app to Defender Controlled Folder Access. It might be blocking LO from writing to it’s own configuration files

Yes, I can save any document (Draw document also) to my local documents folder.
(thanks for your answer)


this is probably (pretty old) feature request tdf#60411 - CONFIGURATION: Active toolbars not remembered after reopening

See especially comment #4, which mentions toolbars being remembered and toolbars disappearing on reopening (Did not repeat/verify the exercise).

I think it is really incredible. :frowning:

At least I am going to not get crazy trying to solve it.


I think it is really incredible. :frowning:

I’m just the bearer of the news and not a developer. Anyway - incredible is the fact that millions of people use the free software developed by too few volunteers in their spare time and all they earn is malice, if something is not working as expected/demanded.

I don’t know where you see the malice. I like a lot LO and I always try to share it with new people explaining to anybody the good parts it has. I only said it is really hard to understand what a toolbar configuration is not saved for future openings of the product. And I must to add that the toolbar configuration is not easy to get as you like and if nobody comment on bad-parts perhaps we never will get a better product.