LibreOffice 7 fatal error - Application cannot be started


I just iinstalled LibreOffice 7 and it won’t start up.

Please see attached of error msg which I can make no sense of.

Thank you and I look forward to using your software.

~ Amitabha

(Edit: activated screenshot -AK)

I assume you are installing on Windows? Disable anti-virus and try re-installing. See Defender Controlled folder access feature enabled - The Document Foundation Wiki

Thank you for your comment and suggestion. Yes, Windows 10, 64.

Uninstalled, disbaled antivirus, reinstalled. Won’t run, but no error msg.


Hi. I am assuming that you have clicked Restart in Windows start menu already. There is more advice here General Installation Issues (Windows)

Can you start LibreOffice in Safe mode from Start Menu? If you can, try going to Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View and untick “Use OpenGl for all rendering” if it is ticked. If not ticked then Archive user profile and then Reset to Factory. You will lose User dictionary entries, and other personalisations

Hello again. Yes I restarted.
No, won’t start in safe mode. Going through general installation issues - nothing.
Thank you for your help. Can you decipher the original error msg I got?
Is their an earlier version that that you can suggest that is more stable that I can install?

Try uninstalling LO from “Add and remove programs”, reboot, download LO again and install. Or try install version 6.4.6, both versions at Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft . Are you sure Windows updates aren’t blocked?

The error message would carry more weight if opening in safe mode started it.

Thank you.
I did uninstall from add/remove programs, reinstall, disbaled antivirus when installing the second time. Windows just did an update, right when I was using the laptop. Arrrrgggghhhh! Won’t open in safe mode. Can I install it on an external hdd and run from there? What does that error msg mean?

Once it was open in safe mode you should have archived user profile and reset to factory as comment third above.

The old error message has been addressed by renaming config it appears. You could try the same trick again if installing again doesn’t work.

There is a portable version, look on for platform and for suite. It will be slower running on external.

Try to rename LibreOffice config folder “c:\users_your_computer_username_\appdata\roaming\libreoffice” some times this folder configs became corrupted and LibreOffice won’t startup

Thank you.
I put a space between Libre and Office and it started in safe mode. What now? Is there a permanent fix? In safe mode it disables user config and extensions.

I just delete c:\users_your_computer_username_\appdata\roaming\libreoffice" folder and LibreOffice start normally, never receive the safe mode version after that, as far as i know there is no other user config folder for LibreOffice.
At this point i would try to remove all extensions that did not came with libreoffice or make a clean install, by clean install i mean remove all LibreOffice suite, delete all remain folders in the program files and the user config folder in first post before a new install.