LibreOffice 7 Mac OS mysterious cursor-triggered text box

I have LibreOffice 7 for the Macintosh. 1) The past week, every time I paste text from a Word doc to a LibreOffice doc, the text is in a box with anchors, not part of the LibreOffice doc. Is there a way to paste text copied from MS Word so it becomes part of the LibreOffice docs?
2) While trying to undo this problem I did something I cannot reconstruct to the text box anchors, and now, in every LibreOffice doc I try to edit, if I move the curser slightly, the text vanishes, hidden by a huge text box (meaning, huge characters partly visable in it). How do I undo this accidental bug?

I’ve done factory reset twice, but the curser-triggered mysterious text box that masks text I’m working on is still there. There are HUGE characters in the mysterious text box. I’ve found out this happens only in “View->normal view,” but not in “View->web view.” And, no luck in transfering text from Word docs without them appearing in an anchored text box I cannot get rid of.

Third factory reset fixed problem of mysterious text box. I clicked “Reset to factory settings” AND “Reset settings and user interface settings” AND “Reset entire user profile.” This time I clicked on “Apply changes and reset” instead of “Restart in Normal mode.”
Don’t know if this fixed imported text in anchored text box problem. I’ll try it later.

It sounds like there might be non-text (WordArt objects?) Word items in your document. Does it work if you save as RTF or text format and then import or open it in LO Write?

Or maybe did you open a Draw document instead of the Write doc in Write? Sometimes I try pasting text into Mac TextEdit and then into Write to see if that makes a difference.

Hope that helps.