LIbreOffice aborts on startup on mac big sur 11.0.1

clicking on LIbreOffice sets application name in top left of screen then aborts.
log contains:

08:19:04[1]: Coalition Cache Hit: app<> [20553]
08:19:06[1] ([5585]): Service exited with abnormal code: 1

mac os Big Sur Beta 11.0.1 20B5012d

And what is your question (this reads more or less like a bug report)?

LibreOffice also aborts immediately for me also with Big Sur. Has anyone got it to work?

LibreOffice also aborts immediately for me also with Big Sur.

Big Sur (afaik) is still Beta (10?) software, so don’t expect many users here having it available for testing purposes.

Lots of people have big sur now, maybe they just don’t use libre. Either way my libre did the same and wont start, arrived here following google search. Answer probably is that if it doesn’t work re-install it, if that doesn’t work try version 7, if that doesn’t work try openoffice, if that doesn’t work use word! That’s what I’m going to try anyway.

I’m following you suspicion:

Install 7.0.3 - Versions lower than 7 do not work (and write a nice letter to Apple)

Libreoffice is totally behind given the development of the Mac OS Big Sur. When we get access to our documents?

And which question does this answer?
BTW: On my Big Sur LibreOffice runs without problems - so be careful about such statements and if you suspect any bugs then please don’t assume users of LibreOffice (the people you address here) being able to fix you problem. File a bug report at bugzilla

I had the same problem - I had to download and install Libre again today after my Mac installed Big Sur today. And now I have a document over 1000 words in ott format that won’t open, I just get an error message. Luckily other documents appear to be OK.

Big Sur 11.0.1. I also re-installed. But it still aborts and won’t open any document. Did you do anything special to make it work? Tx

I had to install old OpenOffice to do some work until LibreOffice catches up.

How does this post answer the question of @dgerman ?

On my system LibreOffice 6 did not run on Big Sur, but LibreOffice 7 started without problems.

mine too :wink:

Thanks Heiko, I’ll give it a try, mine didn’t start up either after os update and was wondering if I should give 7 a go.