LibreOffice Accessing the Internet

Why does LibreOffice try to access the internet when I open a file (a Word file)??

It also tries to access internet when opening Calc files - why??

Internet or the local network?

LibreOffice may want to find printer on the local network.

I’ve just installed, and when I first ran it, it was trying to access, per my firewall software. I put that address into my browser, and gives the (official-looking) LibreOffice 4.3 API Documentation website. So I figure it’s checking for updates. Sure enough, after I allow it to access the Internet, I check Tools menu → Options → LibreOffice section → Online Update, and I see it’s set to check for updates automatically, and the “Last checked” time corresponds to the Internet access it just got.

Proof would be to disable “Check for updates automatically” and see if it stops trying to access the Internet upon launch. I’m too busy to do this at the moment.