LibreOffice all apps hangs/not responfing when saving

I’m using Win 11 and have tried LO 24.2.1 and 7.6.5, both 64- and 32-bit. No matter what I do, LO hangs (not responding) when I’m trying to save. I have tried in safe-mode, I’ve disabled hardware acceleration, I’ve turn off sika, I’ve reset user profile, I’ve upgraded to latest graphical driver, I’ve tried to use LO own save/load dialog, but nothing helps.

Anyone with the same problem or with a solution?

It is probably your anti virus preventing LibreOffice from writing to disk. Add soffice.bin to the allowed list in your anti virus settings.

See Defender Controlled folder access exception for LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki for soffice.bin location

Defender Controlled folder avvess is not activated.

I don’t know what anti virus you have. I gave the link so you could find soffice.bin easily so you could add it to your (unknown) anti virus Allowed list.