Libreoffice always crashes on ubuntu during pdf-export


since the last update of libreoffice on my ubuntu 17.10 I have a severe Problem.
Everytime I try to use the functions pdf-export or save-as on a document the application crashes totally.

Can someone tell me, how I can find out, why these functions are not working anymore?

Bye Ralf

exact same problem here on Kubuntu 17.10…

There were problems with Ubuntu packages. TDF packages were not affected. And hopefully Ubuntu will have the problem fixed soon.

yes me too. even when I deleted the .config/libreoffice directory :frowning:

Uninstalled Libreoffice, and installed Openoffice solved the problem

I have the same issue since running system updates on my kubuntu (which updated the libre office version). I think, the version has this issue. the pdf-signing functionality isn’t working, too.

But the good news: There is a Libre Office 6.1 available:
I installed this and everything’s fine again.

Ubuntu bug report: Bug #1751783 “LibreOffice PDF export crashes” : Bugs : libreoffice package : Ubuntu

Please click “Does this bug affect you?” → “Yes, it affects me.” if you are affected.