Libreoffice and MySQL with crashes

Hello everyone, I have a system with MySQL (Backend) and Libreofice Version: (Front-end). The database is directly connected to Libreoffice (native MySQL). The system has 22 tables, 3 forms and a report.
The problem is that when I open the form, after about 1 minute the form locks up. When the tables (database) were only in Firebird embedded in libreoffice, it didn’t lock the form. However, I chose MySQL due to the option of period of use of the tables by the user. What can I do?

OS: Linux Mint 20


You do not state the version of MySQL you are using - v5.7.x or 8.0.x ? Certain issues with 8.0 and possibly your version of LO.

You state a problem when you open a form. Very general - also you have three. This could be anything. Possibly the Firebird sample so as to convert to MySQL but I understand this may not be possible because of confidentiality reasons. Not certain how else to help without this.

Not to dissuade you, but I ditched MySQL years ago mainly because the Native connector changed for MySQL (installed as an Extension) to a built in connector which is actually a MariaDB connector which causes me problems with macros (SQL in particular). Switched to PostgreSQL.

If you were to stay with MySQL, think about using a JDBC or ODBC connection.

Hello Ratslinger, the version and my MySql is 8.0.x. The form that is crashing contains macros that, when you open it, load macros (My Macros) that fill the tables (in the specific form there are 9 tables). As you said that native MySql causes problems with Macros, maybe that’s the problem. I will do some theses with the other connectors.


My solution (at time of still using MySQL) was switching connectors. That solved most problems. These connectors are a bit slower though.


Keep in mind there can be some SQL syntax differences.

I managed to solve the problem, changing libreoffice for libreoffice