LibreOffice and Thunderbird Addressbook

In my thunderbird address book, besides default personal addressbook and collected addresses, I do have several other address books.

When I use the assistant from LibreOffice to create a data source for addresses I can check thunderbird/icedove…
Then only the two defaults show… none of my other addressbooks.

This is my about:
Versie: (x64)
Build ID: 2524958677847fb3bb44820e40380acbe820f960
CPU-threads: 4; Besturingssysteem:Windows 6.19; UI-render: standaard;
Locale: nl-NL (nl_NL); Calc: group

though windows 6.19 ? is windows 10 of course…

Anyone that can share some info on how to get to the other addressbooks in thunderbird?

Hello @PieterG,

Sorry for the delay in answering but have been testing this on & off between other items since your post.

It appears LO (and the Thunderbird DB connector) only retrieve two tables from Thunderbird. These tables are based upon contents of .mab (Mozilla Address Book) files in Thunderbird. The two files looked at are “abook.mab” (Personal Address Book) and “history.mab” (Collected Addresses). The contents of these create the “AddressBook” and “CollectedAddressBook” tables respectively in Base. Any lists in those files are also transcribed as ‘Views’ in the Base table section.

If you create new address books, they are named “abook-1.mab”, “abook-2.mab” , etc. If you import an address book it is named “impab.mab”. Unfortunately these seem to be ignored through the wizard. Additionally, using a macro to access the DB would not get these files either. Also tried from SqLite (used in Thunderbird) but not success.

Now it seems there are some elaborate ways to still accomplish this but the amount of work needed takes a good deal of time transferring data around from one source to another. There also is no automatic updating so every change would need a new transfer of data. There may (not certain) be a way using macros but would need some time to come up with a solution which is acceptable.

This may be cause for you to file a bug report on Bugzilla as it seems there is none on this subject.

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Thanks for your answer @Ratslinger.

The odd thing is that I had this working in OpenOffice 4.0 and previous versions. Therefore I cannot identify this as a thunderbird bug.
LibreOffice being a fork I expected it to work same way as in OpenOffice 4.0 (or previous)

When I look in the folder of my thunderbird profile I do see that I also have 7 abook-x.mab (x representing numbers 1 to 7) files that apparently arent seen by the assistant.

If the assistant would check and loop through all abook files my guess would be the address books would then show allright.



By the way, the update to OpenOffice 4.1 did break the functionality completely… My best bet it to revert to 4.0 or before?

Probably true on the 4.0 for this function. Can’t see other easy options.