LibreOffice Ask Discourse Is Difficult to Use; Not Like the Forum Used in OpenOffice. Why Not?

I find the layout of this forum to be confusing and difficult to use. The forum format used in Apache OpenOffice and many, many other forums is, to me, much better. Among other things I can quickly scan the thread listing and select the one I want to view. Is there a reason for using this particular format?

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Maybe it’s because this site is not a forum, but a question/answer site.


It’s a pity, indeed.

The present state of this site is a complete failure. It is supposed to be a Q&A but its UI/ergonomics is so bad that it confuses users (even regulars) and makes it neither a Q&A, nor a forum.
IMHO, this is a full regression from the AskBot engine.

Then what is your proposal to enhance this site? Saying repeatedly that AskBot was better will no help, sorry. Guilhem and me have asked for feedback on several settings without answers and nobody commented the Redmine ticket either.
So to stay on the positive side, please post on the Site Feedback category (I’m not reading the English category every day) what we need to do to provide a better life and experience on this instance, taking also into account that we have several languages (and scripts) to deal with. I’m sure we can always be better, but we need some guidance and help here.

All three of you are right. Whatever it’s called, it’s not working for me.
I’ll just go to the Apache OpenOffice forum.

Be aware that OpenOffice and LibreOffice have diverged a bit. OO solutions may not be fully applicable to LO due to subtle differences in details.

You are right, but as they state at

User community support forum for Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice and all the derivatives

you will find a lot of users from LibreOffice also there.

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Having used the OpenOffice forum for some time I have found that they do respond readily to questions on LibreOffice. It’s a pretty good forum, in many ways much easier to use than this Ask.LibreOffice setup.