LibreOffice autorecovery replaced my saved document with an older saved version

So my computer crashed because I didn’t notice that the battery was getting low. When I rebooted and reopened writer, the autorecover feature came up, like always. And just like always, I initiated the autorecover. When the document pulled up, it was a previous version.

This is where things get crazy. It was the version of my document after I saved it for the first time. I had saved the document probably over a fifty times while working on it full time for several days.

I was able to locate the backup version of the document and open it, but it was the same version that autorecover had pulled up. My guess, right now, is that writer didn’t like that I was saving each time as .docx. Perhaps it corrupted or something after the first save (which was the same moment that it became a .docx and is the version that was restored to me).

In case it helps, I am running Ubuntu 14.04 on an Acer Chromebook 15 (crouton setup).

I wrote the LO AnnotatedBackups utility partly because I had similar experiences to you. AnnotatedBackups saves to individual files, rather than to the same file. I think what happened to you was that the file you had been saving to got corrupted, and the only option LO had at that point was to get the only other file it had, which was the older one. If you make backups with AnnotatedBackups you will have more recovery choices. I’m still trying to improve AnnotatedBackups so pls report back.

You can find it here

It is ALWAYS a best practice to work in the native format of a software (here .odt) as you can see there => [Solved] How to recover my corrupted file? (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum where even a corrupted file can be retrieved.
Then at the end, when the work is done, make a copy/export to a proprietary format.

I don’t have an answer for your .docx, but why not to try what they did in the link above, rename as a zip, extract and get the content.xml, you might be lucky… if it works and has a content.xml…