Libreoffice-base: add tables in query design not allowed

Libreoffice-base: add tables in query design not allowed.
In query design, no more than one table can be added
(F7 does not work and the add-tables icon becomes dimmed after the first table added in query design)
This is true both for version and
on xubuntu 16.04

Build ID: a3100ed2409ebf1c212f5048fbe377c281438fdc
CPU Threads: 4; OS Version: Linux 3.13; UI Render: default; VCL: gtk2;
Locale: en-GB (en_US.UTF-8); Calc: group

Other versions and OS not tested. Not found answers for this abnormal behaviour.

I do not see any problem adding multiple tables in queries. Have done this on LO versions from 4.x through 5.3.x using a variety of Linux distros including Xubuntu 16.04.

Where did you get your LO from? The distro? This on rare occasion is the cause of some problems. Is this a regular embedded DB?

There may also be a problem with you user profile being corrupted. See this post to clear - click here.

Edit: I see you have modified your question but never answered the questions I have asked.

I believe I have discovered what you are talking about. You have created a Base file using a spreadsheet. If so, this is nothing more than a linkage to the spreadsheet data. There are no TRUE tables and therefore you have only one access in the Query. You also cannot change the data from Base.

To utilize multiple groups of data, create a true database from the data in the Calc document. See the documentation on how to accomplish this - click here.

See my answer to my question. I wrote there instead of here. Thank you again.

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Given the explanation this can be understood. It would be very helpful to pop up a dialog when adding a table is attempted. It seems likely this would be very little programming effort compared to detecting the situation.


Your comment seems to differ from what is discussed. With a linked spreadsheet you do not create tables but rather tables are created based upon what is in the spreadsheet.

Also this is a peer site. We are users as yourself. If you want an enhancement, file here → Bugzilla. You can submit a patch to do this yourself - whatever you are recommending.


You are right. I tried to create a query on a linked spreadsheet. I thought it was possible since it was a SELECT read-only query. After your first version of your answer I tried with embedded tables created by importing data from the spreadsheet instead of just linking the spreadsheet. It worked. Now I read your edited note and that was it.

As for my previous modification of the question, it was only punctuation changes. Nothing relevant. And I made them before seeing your answer. That is why I answer only now.

Thank you for your help. Your hint about the embedded DB was crucial.