Libreoffice Base cannot open reports

I have been using Libreoffice for years now (OOo before that). With the v4 of Libreoffice, all my reports in Base refuse to open and all I get is the following:
“Document could not be opened -
caught a java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError”

All my reports worked on previous versions. I have been glued to LO v3.4 as all other Base modules were WAAAYYYYY too slow to be efficient. With LO 4.1.3 this changed and even the HSQL problem is better addressed, however, now I cannot access my reports. I downloaded Open Office 4.0 (Please don’t shoot me) and my reports still work on OOo, but inevitably my db crashes and I lose my data and I do not want to go that route too many times. Even LO 3.4 is more stable in that regard.

I updated my java to the latest version and this problem still persists. I have used JRE, then 1.7.0_25 and finally 1.7.0_45. None of these are from the distro, but rather downloaded from the oracle site.

Am running Linux Mint 15 KDE on a Lenovo G570 1.8Ghz Celeron Processor with 3GB Ram (Yep, still 32 bit version).

Any tips?



I know I had similar problem, but I am using 32bit and 64bit windows 8 and Widows 8.1 (depends on machines). I down-grad all my LiberaOffice to a point where I had no problems…since then I was testing out my BASE in different versions of releases. Finally, My base reporters started work normal with newest Version: Build ID: 40b2d7fde7e8d2d7bc5a449dc65df4d08a7dd38 // Since then I upgraded all my machines to this new version and walking around with a happy face…LOL

I am not sure Linux has this version ( or not…if do, I would give it a try!!!

Good Luck!

Have tried rebuilding the db. Carried the script & data files over to a new database to see whether, if I created a new database in LO 4.1.3, it would generate a newly created report. Didn’t happen. Cannot seem to find a specific bug for this either, but it seems a few users have had the same problem, though each seems to have solved it differently. So I guess its back to trusty old LO 3.4 with JRE 6 U22.
Unfortunately according to my Base the current version is…
I’ve just tested LO on an older machine with Mint 9 (Gnome 2). Results are the same. Same argument, same result. No report.

And I just solved my own dilemma…
It seems there was something wrong with the Report Builder, or more accurately, I think the Report Builder is now integrated into LO4? I was looking up the error I got when I came across this answer:

“It means that at some point, an interface was changed to a class, but an implementer of the original interface was not modified and recompiled to accommodate this (incompatible) change.” (This referring to the error received - ie java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError.) This got me to thinking that the only “old” reference would be the report builder…

The answer was to remove the Report Builder from the extension manager list. Once removed, I closed base. Reopened it and tried opening a few reports. Yep. It worked. I can now opn my reports in LO

The related bug (fdo#61726) for the “java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError” has been fixed for v4.2.

I’ve been following Mariano Casanova’s excellent 2010 tutorial for Base, and dutifully downloaded and installed the Oracle Report Builder extension. Followed the_watchmann’s advice, and removed the extension, and it worked perfectly. Thanks. Problem solved.