Libreoffice Base - Can't enter text boxes to edit them and Dissappearing toolbar

At first, it was only a few text boxes and only sometimes that I couldn’t enter them (i.e. click on them and then add text into them). At least I could use tab to go into the text boxes I couldn’t click into. Now I can’t click into any of the text boxes not in the main form. My database is attached and the problem occurs in the Customer Edit Form (All records are fake). Not sure if this is a bug or if something is wrong with the form.

Additionally, now when I click to edit a form, the bottom toolbar flashes briefly then disappears. Before closing then clicking to edit a second time would make it stay there, but now I can’t get it to show up at all. Is this a known bug and how do I fix it? EDIT: Appears to solve when you restart libreoffice, but you have to restart it every time you exit a form and want to edit it again.

I am using version on MacOS

Database: Task 4 Y12S1 Database.odb


Have seen no problem with your DB. Using Ubuntu 18.04 Mate with LO v6.4.2.2 from TDF (The Document Foundation).

You may want to try resetting your user profile → LibreOffice user profile

Actual problem now noted in answer.


Have now found a problem in your forms. Wasn’t certain where to look.

The problem is that the label fields are overlapping the the controls. Moving (you can resize) corrects the problem:

image description

image description

This is the case with all the problem fields.

The problem isn’t always apparent as clicking in most cases on the right side of the field works many times because the label doesn’t overlap that far.

Don’t have any problem/answer for the toolbar - that may be a user profile situation.