Libreoffice Base connected to mysql having problems with images

Using LO ver in linux and version in windows, mariadb 15.1 in linux and mysql 8.0.19 windows. I believe I am connected directly by LO’s built in connector. I can not save images in LO. I can load images in mysql workbench and they load in LO ok but when I add an image in LO, the image loads but disappears when saving the record. I have tried both blob and mediumblob. However, same result.

Appreciate help.


Using MySQL v5.7.29 on Ubuntu 18.04 with LO v6.4.1.2 there is the same problem. This occurs only with MySQL native connector. JDBC connector is working OK ( used field type: Image[BLOB] ). Also linked images work with either connector.

As the native connector was changed several versions ago (now from MariaDB) many things do not work correctly for me and have stuck with JDBC connector when testing (have also abandoned MySQL/MariaDB in personal use).

This is a bug. As I don’t see one after a few quick searches, you should report here → Bugzilla

Thaks for reply and your mention of JDBC got me trying another connector. I found this thread excellent getting JDBC connector working; How do I set up a JDBC connector for MariaDB (or MySQL) in Base? This worked for me. It is early days but initial trial in linux seems fruitful.
I wonder could you elaborate on your abandonment of Mysql/MariaDB and what do you use instead. I am a beginner but find both mysql and libreoffice and would only hope that they might work together better. It is not easy finding howtos.


Was using MySQL for some time as I really did not look closely at all available. Started a deeper look when the native connector had beginnings of problems. Had been testing with other DB’s for answers on this site and chose PostgreSQL because of many features you don’t find all in another single DB. It also has a container for actual multiple DB’s and each having it’s own schema. This is not true in say MySQL where what you may think are different DB’s are actually just schema within.

PostgreSQL has been around for decades and appears to have much support. No, not trying to sell PostgreSQL to anyone - each must choose based on needs and ability.

This site has numerous howtos. Problem is finding them. Search capability is limited and the structure questionable. You can always ask a new question even if the answer is just a link to another answer.

As with all questions, if this answers your question please tick the :heavy_check_mark: (upper left area of answer). It helps others to know there was an accepted answer.

Thanks Ratslinger Yes was half looking at PostreSQL and will look a bit more closely. I am new to database systems and just got use to Mysql/Mariadb which I find very easy and interesting and there’s quite a bit of learning. As I said along with LO as frontend (esp for newbies) it would be ideal for me. Mysql was laborious to get going in windows and the mysql connector is a nightmare.
I have installed jdbc connector both in Linux and Windows following the above link and of course latest mariadb-java-client-2.5.4.jar. I had no problems with installation. As for image problem, so far it seems to work - so I keep my fingers crossed. I am no expert in sizes but at least the system gave a warning message e.g (conn=34) query size (4194304) is >= to max_allowed_packet (4194304) when I tried to attach a 3.9MB image. That is an improvement. I know the smaller size is better for space etc and I will keep them small. Fields are medium blob so should take 16,777215, that’s 16 MB isn’t it

Hi I am having good success at the moment and I will mark this solved, although the initial problem may still be there. I have installed JDBC Connector as suggested and had immediate success. I then changed the field to varchar to link to images and that was great improvement. So as far as I could find out the majority of experts that I read suggest this method.
Two pages that helped me set this up was this forum External Links to Images in Base Reports? esp the the tricky bit about getting linked image into reports. The other was great for me as a newbie

Perhaps as Ratslinger said that linked images work in both jdbc and lo native connector. I will probably stick with jdbc since it’s working well, to me anyway, both in linux and windows 10.