LibreOffice Base crashes when creating table relationships

I am using LibreOffice on Mint 19.1 Cinnamon using kernel 4.15.0-47-generic to create a small HSQLDB database for my personal use. Recently I started encountering a problem in Base that is rendering it useless to me. When I attempt to create a relationship between two tables LO crashes giving me the following error message:
Screenshot of Error Message

The relationship tool works fine otherwise. It is only when I attempt to use the drop down to choose the first table with which the relationship is to be created.
I attempted deleting and recreating the tables thinking it maybe just those first few tables I was working. Then I scrubbed that entire database and started another one. Lastly, I removed and reinstalled LO. The problem still exists.

The last point, interestingly enough, the crash isn’t reported in Mint’s System’s Report tool. So ???

Please help!

As requested, here is the scrubbed database file. Of course, the database is still in development so no data has been unput. Thanks again in advance for you help.


Sales Results Alternate.odb

Did you try running in Safe Mode? This will bypass the user profile which may be a source of the problem. The user profile is not touched when removing/reinstalling LO.

Haven’t see this problem through v6.2.2.2 (just re-tested on Mint 18.3). Please post a sample (scrubbed) of the Base file.

Forgive me, I’m rather new to this world. What is a scrubbed base file and how do I post it? I would know what a certain log file would be, but a Base file I don’t. Thanks in advance for your patience.


Base file (your created .odb database) without any personal or confidential data. Edit you question (edit is lower right of question) . On toolbar (upper left of question) there is a paperclip icon. This allows attachments.

OK, thanks for the direction. I will attempt to recreate the crash now in safe mode and let you know how that works out.

@overflowscott Have deleted many tables and relations in your sample and added again. Did this after saving file, closing & re-opening. Had no problems or crashes. Very probable some problem with your User Profile (thus the running in Safe Mode). This post explains more on this → LibreOffice user profile.

The problem persists even in safe mode so it is not the profile.Thanks for your help.

As stated, I can’t duplicate. Best if you file bug report → Bugzilla.

As for the bug report…yes, of course. Thanks for the prompting. I am working on that now.

I opened your relationship window once.

That’s too demanding for me. I can not help here.
But maybe this overview can help others to help you.
I wish you success!

Are you thinking that the problem is caused by the complexity of the database rather than a bug or other software issue?

As already mentioned, I have not created such a construct myself yet. What struck me purely from gut feeling is the table “INT Ups VOLS” and any others, which is linked from two sides with “n”. But I can not say it because it does not know. But you can read in the documentation, if it is possible.

@Hrbrgr Thank You for your help. Hopefully someone else will step up. As of right now I am considering uninstalling LO and installing a different office suite but I really don’t want to do that as I have grown to truly like LO. Be well!

Maybe a little note, you use the field identifier “ID” in several tables. I would distinguish them, e.g. in ID_1, ID_2 etc. I wish you great success.

Yes, this is a good suggestion. BTW, Just FYI. I uninstalled LO and installed AOO knowing that it is very similiar. Same situation - AOO crashed immediately.