libreoffice base 'find record' bar is super small (unuseable)

On the bottom left corner of the data display window (tables, queries whatever) there is a bar that allows you to go to the record by record number. It is extremely small and can not be used because I can’t see it clearly. Also the record numbers that would usually show on the left hand side are not visible.
I am running
Build ID: 1:5.4.2-0ubuntu0.17.10.1
Any advice would be appreciated.

@jlc Don’t know of any method of increasing requested selection outside of the impractical method of reducing your system screen resolution. Also, if you are referring to ‘record numbers’ in lower left ( ie: 1 of X) this was fixed in v5.3.2.2 - see Bug 97731. If you still have this problem it may be where you get your LO from (distro, PPA).