Libreoffice Base form editing issues with Combo Box

Hi guys,

This is my first post here, so please bear with me as I try to explain my issue in the best detail as I can.

I am using LibreOffice Base (x64) on Windows 10. I am running into problems with Base’s Combo Box when I am making a form. First, I am trying to make this a field that has a rule to have a “input required.” As I go into my form to input information, the Combo Box automatically displays “0” in the drop down that also has true or false as options. Evidently I can just bypass this whole step of entering in my choice of true or false with just leaving 0 in that field, despite the fact that I wanted to make that part of my form required. So my question is how do you remove that 0 from being displayed in the form? By not having it, it helps the person inputting the form information realize that they need to put something relevant in that required field. Having an automatic “0” when the rule is to have an “input required” totally defeats the purpose of what I’m trying to do since that field has an entry that it can accept once I add the new record.


Typically the first entry of a combo box will be blank. It appears you have set a default value in the combo box properties. A list box will have an entry (depending upon setup). This is because with a combo box you can enter data other than what is in the list which a list box won’t allow.

It matters also how you generate the list in the combo box. It can come from another table where the first entry would end up being blank. It could also come from SQL. You have not stated how the list is created.

Now setting a control to require input does not work. See Bug #75341. For required entry of a field this must be set in the table properties. Just setting the control properties does not work.