Libreoffice Base Normalization Database

I’m still trying to learn database. Maybe this involving Normalization. I want to save my student data. Also able to find the student data according to department. This still work according to department ID. But after add new student the Department ID not recorded in student table. Means when i try to search according department it’s can’t be found. Did i miss some step? So the real question is how to add/update data without inserting Department-ID in forms?image description

I try to execute this to list box.

image description

We can’t let user choose department_id in list box. So can i set the list of department name = department id and registered to database?

image description


There are quite a few places on the internet you can read up on Normalization. Here as a couple:

However this may not be your problem. From your question it is to difficult to determine. Also you do not post important information: OS; specific LO version; database used (like HSQLDB or Firebird embedded noted at bottom center of opening Base screen).

It would be of great help if you would post a sample of your Base file (no personal or confidential information. To post edit your question and see → How do I attach a file to my question/answer?

Thanks for helping. I didn’t use any database like HSQLDB because my project didn’t use multi user to input data. Previously i try to integrate with mysql but failed. I just use LibreOffice Base

Don’t think you understand. Base is only a front end to a database. You must be using something. Again look at the bottom center of the Base screen. That specifies what you are using. Still need a posted copy.

Oh my bad. Sorry sir. Its HSQLDB.


Again, a sample would actually be best.

In the field Type of list contents should be SQL

From the images the SQL in the list box may need some quotes and this would be List content:

Select "department_name", "department_id" FROM "departments"

And in the field just below that needs Bound field set to 1.

If still having problems need a sample of the Base file - even a copy with all the data removed is OK!!!