Libreoffice Base - Reports

Hi there.
I’m building a database for my job to transition from MS Access to Libreoffice Base.
Everything was almost flawless except for the report section.
Other than a series of crashes after adding a lot of test fields, i reached a point when adding more text fields, doesen’t result in a change in the report’s generated document.

Please help, otherwise i cannot finish my task.

Note: please try working even a little amount of time in design view, and look at how many bugs are there.

Most simple report with no layout restrictions:
Open Calc
Hit Ctrl+Shift+F4 for the data source window.
If your database does not appear in the left pane, register your database via menu:Tools>Options>Base>Databases
Double-click your database name in the data source window, then “Queries”.
Drag the query icon from the left pane into the spreadsheet.
Call menu:Data>Define… and check the 2 options “Keep formatting” and “Insert or delete cells” for the imported range.
Calc has plenty of options to format and print database data.
Call menu:Data>Refresh in order to refresh the data from the data source.

For Report Builder: Have a look at documentation on - Base Guide 7.3. There is a chapter for this tool.

Report Builder is very unstable. When editing something with this tool I will save the report and save the Base file very often.

There are many bugs in this tool, but nobody who will fix it. Developers are needed for Base.

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