LibreOffice Base: Share/template database

I’m planning on creating a toolkit for a special project I’m working on using LibreOffice 4 Base instead of Microsoft Access. My question is if it’s possible to make a template or share the database with other users? Or is the database only linked to the system it is created on?

No, the default embedded hsqldb database engine that comes with LO Base is not designed to be shared in a multi-user, concurrent, read/write environment. It can be shared with others (e.g. via a file or network share) in a single-user mode, i.e. only one user at a time accessing it, and all users will have the same rights.

Alternatively, choose a server db backend, and then create a default ODB file that will connect to this, and which you can then distribute to your users. If you want the same thing for everyone, set up the ODB file in read-only mode, on a file share, and then give them user rights to modify or add data via the server backend.