LibreOffice Base SQL Server - Can't see table in query design view

I have connected LibreOffice Base to an SQL server and am able to add tables. The image below shows that I am able to add Table1.

image description

When I go to use Table1 using the query design view, it does not show up as an option.

However, Table1 is an option in the query wizard.

How do I go about enabling Table1 to be used in the design view?


Don’t have SQL Server but from what you show in the screen shots, ‘Table1’ is in ‘world’. It would appear you need to double click ‘world’ to view the tables contained there.

The “Add Query or Table” shows all the table and cannot be collapsed.

Only other suggestion is to report problem here → Bugzilla

I found out that my version of LibreOffice was not up to date. Updating to version has solved the issue, allowing me to view my tables in the query design view.