LibreOffice Base: Text cut off in GUI elements

Is it possible to correct the following problem?

What I see: I am working with Base Version: under Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS. When I edit the design of a table, for example, in the GUI element containing the text, “Field Properties”, the text is cut off as if the GUI element is too small for the text.

What I expect: The GUI element containing the text is big enough to see all of the text. Do not scale the text smaller to fit but instead make the GUI element bigger.

Don’t see this using LO TDF version under Ubuntu 18.04 Mate. Where is your LO from?

Possibly also some window manager settings like UI scaling (or whatever that could be in your OS) could play a role?

Build ID: 98c6a8a1c6c7b144ce3cc729e34964b47ce25d62
OS: Ubuntu 18.04LTS
Downloaded directly from but the problem also exists in version from Ubuntu repository.

I use GNOME Tweaks 3.28.1 to increase the size of the GUI text so I can read it:
Window Title: Ubuntu 14
Interface: Ubuntu Regular 14
Document: Sans Regular 14
Monospace: Ubuntu Mono Regular 14
Scaling factor 1

I also tried reducing the font size until the text fits (everything 12) then increasing the scaling factor to 1.25. Again, the text gets cut off. Don’t ask me I need glasses! This is a problem for people with reduced eyesight, like me.

@Allan1 Using same LO build on Ubuntu 18.04 Mate. Gnome Tweaks doesn’t work but can change from Control Center>Appearance>Fonts and duplicate your screen. As the font size increases the amount cut off increases. This also affects other screens in Base making forms almost unusable for me.

Tried a variety of things but don’t see a fix right now.

Don’t ask me I need glasses!

This is not a matter of telling you “you must use this” or “you must work like that”. It’s a matter of finding what causes wrong behavior of Base, and filing proper bug report - so your information has helped a lot, it seems, and @Ratslinger was able to reproduce; hopefully there would appear the said bug report, which is a pre-requisite for a possible fix.

Sorry, that’s just my terrible sense of humour!

Anyway, I tried searching the bugzilla database for phrases such as “cut off” or “truncated” and couldn’t find a bug that desicribes exactly what I’m seeing so here goes; hopefully it isn’t a duplicate!

Thanks for everyone’s help.

I guess the answer to this question is, no, there isn’t way to correct the problem right now although a comment above references a bug report.